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    Entrepreneurship in 1994

    The development of a systematic engineering solution is for the technology to purify the environment ABOUT ZHONGJIAN

    Shantou zhongjian purification technology co., LTD. (formerly known as the South American purification equipment factory) is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing air conditioners and purifying equipment. It covers pharmaceutical, hospital, food, electronics, precision instruments, microbiology and other industries. The company has a professional research and development department, with many refrigeration, machinery, radio, electronics, food engineers and technicians, responsible for research and development of air conditioning purification technology and equipment.

    With "science and technology to purify the future" for the business philosophy of zhongjian purification technology in the service, from product to systematic from technology research and development to the overall planning, and the relevant domestic design, scientific research, colleges and universities have close technical exchanges and business relations, greatly improving the zhongjian purification service team strength.

    Twenty years of professional accumulation and precipitation, the achievement of today's zhongjian purification technology. Whether technology consulting, overall planning, system design, project installation, system debugging and running, professional testing or cooperate with the customer maintenance, zhongjian purification can provide you with professional, a complete set of engineering and technical services.

    Our development

    one-stop purification system engineering solution ENTERPRISE PROCESS
    • Set 1994年

      South American purification equipment factory was established in guangdong, guangdong province.

    • Insist 1998年

      Adhering to the spirit of quality supremacy, we have obtained the recognition of our customers by our strict requirements on the quality of products.

    • Deve

      With the market demand, South American purification accelerated the adjustment and technology research and development, and extended to the medical treatment environment purification.

    • Speed 2004年

      Under the strategic premise of quality, Our business involves medicine, health care, cosmetics, food, electronics, technology, precision instruments and other industries.

    • Create 2008年--未來

      For the technological cleansing environment, we look forward to your participation and witness in the future.

    • Strong 2012年

      Enhanced services from technical consulting, overall planning, system design, site installation, overall testing and commissioning of the whole set of engineering technical services.

    • Opti

      The technology purifying environment is the strategic core to fly off again.

    • Leap 2017年

      With the national policy and the pace of economic development, shantou zhongjian purification technology co., LTD. Was founded in 2008.

    Our philosophy

    To provide the most professional and comprehensive engineering services at the core of scientific and technological innovation ENTERPRISE CONCEPT
    Zhongjian Purification Technology For the Purification of Technology

    Our vision

    To building a professional purification system engineering service OUR VISION
    • Specialized in system solutions

      From the planning and design of purification system engineering to the project site construction; From the overall inspection of the project to the commissioning of the customer, zhongjian will strive to give you all-round technical services.

    • Focus on technology team building

      Team to clear the development of the construction of the strategic target, optimizing the talent mechanism, team management system and excellent team culture construction, and ensure that zhongjian purification to achieve the sustainable development of "technology to purify the future".

    • Concentrate on quality engineering materials

      From the purchase order, the entry and acceptance inspection, repeated inspection, storage and use of the strict control, to eliminate the shoddy, cut the material, strengthen the material management, and build the quality project.

    • Specialized in purification system engineering

      For more than twenty years, we have only dedicated one to purification system engineering. The construction of zhongjian purification in strict accordance with the national standard industry standard, can give you only systematic, reasonable and practical results.

    Our service

    Five systems make the best service OUR SERVICE
    • 1

      Technology research and development

      Purification systems engineering, relying on professional service team. We have a number of refrigeration, mechanical engineers and technicians, radio, electronics, food, has special research institute, responsible for research and development air conditioning purification technology and equipment.

    • 2

      Case planning

      We will take the scientific attitude of each project, the construction of the reasonable, practical, on the basis of the standard analysis from the viewpoint of technology, and provide the overall planning, system design to provide you with a complete set of engineering and technical services.

    • 3

      Construction execution

      In accordance with the construction standards, acceptance standards and environmental protection standards, finished product protection standards and material standard implementation, the standardization of engineering quality shall be strictly followed. Throughout the entire process purification engineering process each link, to design, small to the outlet position, in drawings, cost, design, construction personnel, the environment, the engineering quality and engineering department, quality control department and the ministry of supervision, etc.

    • 4


      Focus on prevention. Based on the principle of timing for maintenance, maintenance of classification and job content is according to the practical use of the technical situation of the change for maintenance and discovery, eliminate the problems, maintain the cleanliness of the purification system, prevent purification early damage, engineering or the normal operation of equipment maintenance.

    • 5

      Reserve team

      In line with the "growth for both enterprises and talents" talent concept, focus on building a high quality, high performance team set up at the same time used to purify the development of science and technology talent selection mechanism, the personnel training mechanism, talent incentive mechanism and talent welfare mechanism to promote the transformation of innovation achievements, to attract large Numbers of talented people。

    Our honor

    We will work together to create a better future OUR HONOR

    We will customize the most suitable purification system works for you

    Leart it now
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